Package Tour Reimbursement Criteria
Package Tour Reimbursement Criteria

Package tours are reimbursable if ALL of these conditions are met:

1) The tour is officially organized or sponsored by your study abroad institution**; and
2) The tour is inside the host country; and
3) The tour isn't course-required

**This includes tours of a local cultural site organized by official university organizations (for example, an exchange student buddy program, etc).

Course-required academic field trip/package tours can be reimbursable, even if they take place outside of your host country. You will need to provide the professor's name and course number/title on your Reimbursement Request Form.

If you keep any entry fee receipts from places you visit on your own (museums, art exhibits, etc), you could submit them for reimbursement following the instructions on our website.

Note that some excursion activities aren't eligible for reimbursement, so be sure to review BOTH the "Reimbursable Excursions" and "Ineligible Excursions" sections at so you'll know what you see/do will be reimbursable (or not).

Please feel free to contact Jenney Stevens ( with any questions.