Need Additional Insurance Coverage?

Need Additional Insurance Coverage?
If you plan to travel more than 14 days (combined) before and/or after the dates of your UR-sponsored/UR-funded trip abroad, you will need to arrange and purchase additional insurance at your own expense. (Note: This additional coverage is not eligible for reimbursement from the University.)

Personal Deviation extends coverage up to a maximum cumulative 14-day period when the person’s additional travel is not directly or incidentally related to the official University-sponsored trip. The 14 days of Personal Deviation coverage included in the policy can apply:
  • Before the trip
  • After the trip
  • Be split before and after the trip (e.g., 5 days before and 9 days after, etc.)

Some insurance options* include:

We recommend that you thoroughly research your options and carefully read policies regarding coverage and exclusions, and strongly advise you to purchase coverage that includes medical evacuation and repatriation.

*These links are provided solely for informational purposes. The University of Richmond does not do business with nor have direct experience with these providers, and there are many more options available online