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  • Locations: Haifa, Israel
  • Program Terms: Academic Year, Calendar Year, Fall, Spring
  • Homepage: Click to visit
  • Restrictions: Exchange applicants only
Fact Sheet:
Fact Sheet:
Click here for a definition of this term Language of Instruction: English Click here for a definition of this term Minimum GPA: 3
Click here for a definition of this term Housing Options: Residence hall or dormitory Click here for a definition of this term Program Type: Exchange / Direct Enroll
Recommendation Requirement: 2 required; refer to the Eligibility section below for details
Program Description:

About the University of Haifa

The University of Haifa, a UR affiliate partner university, is located in the beautiful, multicultural city of Haifa inHaifa the north of Israel on the Mediterranean coast.  Surrounded by the largest forest in Israel, the University of Haifa attracts students from diverse backgrounds from around the world. 

Read a student's blog here for a first hand account of life in Haifa and be sure to check out the Haifa PPT to learn more.

Richmond students are able to take English-taught classes in the International School as well as in the Department of English.  In addition, Richmond students can study Hebrew and Arabic, offered at various levels.  UR students will live with local and international students in secure on campus university residences

The University of Haifa offers a plethora of activities, community service/volunteering, and internship opportunities to facilitate student interaction with Israeli culture and people.  There is also a buddy program called "Adopt a Student" that UR students can join, through which visiting students are matched with a University of Haifa student, for better insight into the local culture.

Students at Univ Haifa


  • Junior, senior status
  • 3.0 GPA; two recommendations required
  • Transfer students must have completed at least one semester on campus at Richmond.
  • Business classes at University of Haifa will transfer as Robins School courses.  However, students are cautioned that business course offerings are extremely limited and rarely satisfy Robins School core course requirements. Rather, they typically transfer as management electives. 
  • Interested students must attend a general information session before submitting an application. Robins School of Business students must also attend a business-specific session. Click to open the information session schedule.
  • Note: Students must be in good academic and disciplinary standing with the university to study abroad. When reviewing applications for approval, disciplinary records will be taken into consideration and students must be cleared by the Dean's Office to study abroad. Students on conduct probation will not be able to study abroad if their probationary period extends beyond the start date of the semester abroad program.
UR students can choose from a range of classes offered at the International School as well as English-taught classes, when available (and with approval), from the regular university curriculum.  In addition, Haifa offers Honors programs in the following areas:  Peace and Conflict Studies and Psychology.  Honors programs require a GPA of 3.2 and a supplemental application.

In cooperation with the University of Haifa's law faculty, Haifa also offers aHaifa Bahai graduate Global Law program for U.S. law students. 

For a full immersion benefit, the Hebrew (or Arabic) Ulpan (language pre-session) and Academic Study Tour (fall only) is mandatory for UR undergraduate students, with some possible exceptions.  See 'Dates and Costs' section below for details.


The University of Haifa is on the U.S. credit semester system.  Semester hours are converted using the formulaSemester hours/3.5, round up to nearest tenth of a unit.

For example, a 3-semester credit course from Haifa will be transferred back to Richmond as .9 units. Students should be certain to read the information on the UR Registrar's Office web page regarding the "First Five" rule to determine whether the course might be bumped up to a full unit. 

Semester credits (Haifa) Equivalent UR units
Unit Conversion Chart
3 credits .9 units
4 credits 1.2 units
6 credits 1.8 units

For more information about conversion to units, click Conversion to Units.  Most students take between 12-18 credits while abroad (3-5 courses). When selecting courses, most are listed specifically as fall or spring, but if not, look for 'A' or 'B' in the course code.  'A' is fall semester and 'B' is spring semester.

Grading Scale

Information about course load and grades may be found on the International School website (Note:  Grade chart amended fall 2014).  Students are graded using the U.S. system.  Credit for grades lower than "C" will not be transferred back to the University of Richmond.


Haifa offers 3-credit internships in a variety of fields.  Students will work 10 hours per week.  Interested students must apply for these before the semester in Israel begins.


Dorm Room, HaifaRichmond students will live in the on-campus single-sex residence halls at Haifa and will be mixed with Israeli and international students.  There are two dorms where international students are placed, and students may choose a double room/shared bathroom in Federman Hall (this is the standard housing) or upgrade to a single room/single bath in Talia Hall (if available).  Shared kitchens are located in each dormitory and students also have the option of eating in the university canteens. 

Dates and Costs

Richmond tuition is charged for this program.  Non tuition related expenses are paid by the student directly to the University of Haifa.  For details, click Haifa dates and costs.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The fall semester in the International School ends in early January, which means that students who study abroad fall semester only will return to the U.S. approximately one week prior to the beginning of classes at Richmond.  Students who wish to take regular university courses should consult with the department about alternative assessment, as regular university courses end later in January (typically just after the start of spring classes at Richmond).  Students studying abroad for the spring semester should also note that regular university courses have a later end date than the International School courses, so factor this into your flight plans if you intend on taking courses in the regular curriculum. 


Visa Information

U.S. citizens must obtain the appropriate student visa before entering the country.  Students with Israeli citizenship or a parent with Israeli citizenship need special travel documents and should contact the Israeli consulate to learn more. Students of other nationalities should check with the Israeli consulate for specific visa requirements for their country of citizenship.  More information is available on the visa information section of the Haifa web page.

For More Information

Contact Amy Bergmann in the Office of International Education. Robins School of Business students should contact Fae Bell in the Robins School with any questions about academics.


Updated August 2017

This document represents the most accurate information available at the time of publication. Statements contained herein are not contractual obligations, and verbal or other representations that are inconsistent with or not contained within the document are not binding. The University of Richmond reserves the right to change without specific notice programs and the conditions under which they are offered.