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  • Locations: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Program Terms: Academic Year, Calendar Year, Fall, Spring
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About Thammasat University

Established in 1933, Thammasat is the second oldest university in Thailand

  • Courses taught in English in the Faculty of Economics (BE)  and the Thammasat Business School 
  • Courses in English also available in the Thai Studies program
  • Over 18,000 undergraduate students and 5,200 graduate students
  • Thammasat is located in the heart of Bangkok within walking distance to the Temple of the emerald Buddha, the Grand Palace, the National Theater and National Museum as well as numerous shopping, restaurants and cafes.
  • Over 50 student clubs and organizations available
  • Buddy program for all international students
  • Richmond students required to enroll in a basic Thai language course
  • English is the most used commercial language in Thailand
  • Bangkok is one of the most modern cities in Asia.
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  • Students must be in good academic and disciplinary standing with the university to study abroad. When reviewing applications for approval, disciplinary records will be taken into consideration and students must be cleared by the Dean’s office to study abroad.  Students on conduct probation will not be able to study abroad if they are on conduct probation that does not expire prior to the start date of the semester abroad program.
  • Cumulative GPA of at least a 3.0.
  • Robins School of Business students must attend an information session before choosing a program and submitting an application.


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Thammasat University offers 4 English taught programs: Economics (BE), Business Administration (BBA), British and American Studies, and Thai Studies.

Richmond business students will study in the BBA program.  Non business students may study in the BE program.  Richmond students must take at least 50% of their courses in the respective faculty.  All Richmond students are required to take a Thai language class.  Richmond students may take courses in the other faculties on a space available basis providing that they meet course prerequisites.

Robins School of Business students who elect to study through the BE program may transfer back credit from only one (1) business course taken while enrolled on the BE program to count towards their business degree.  Specific course approval must be given by Dr. Tom Cosse.  RSB students may transfer courses back from non-business subjects to count towards any non-business majors/minors and general education requirements (pending departmental approval) and towards the total units needed for graduation.

Most classes at Thammasat are three credits.

Richmond students may also take part in the Student Internship program spending up to two months working with business companies, government agencies or international organizations.   Usually this internship program is only available in the summer months; however, if a student would like to do this during the semester they need to inform Michele Cox and she will investigate whether this is feasible or not. Participating organizations include Bangkok Bank, Thai Airways International and government offices such as the Board of Investment.

Unit Conversion

Semester hours from Thammasat will be converted using the formula: Semester hours/3.5, round up to nearest tenth of a unit. A 3-semester credit course will be transferred back to Richmond as .9 units. A 4-semester course will be transferred back as 1.2 units. For more information about credit transfer, see the UR Registrar's page .

Grading Scale at Thammasat

A = 4.0 C+ = 2.5
B+ = 3.5 C = 2.0
B = 3.0 D+ = grades below C do not transfer to Richmond

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Students to arrange for their own housing in close proximity to campus. The International Programs Office will assist students in finding accommodation. All exchange students will initially live in temporary housing. In Thailand, it is not common for furnished apartments to have kitchen or laundry facilities. Food is plentiful, inexpensive and readily available in restaurants, cafes and street vendors. Students can hire out laundry service at a very reasonable cost.

Students are required to pay a least 2 month deposit. Some of the apartments have a rental fee for TV and refrigerators. Most apartments do not provide linens; however, linens are available to rent or can be purchased locally.

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Dates and Costs

Dates and Costs for Thammasat University

Visa Information

Students are required to apply for a student visa (non-immigrant ED) prior to departure. Do this early! For more information, please visit the Thai embassy website at

For more information

For more information: contact Fae Bell, International Business Programs Coordinator in the Robins School of Business or Michele Cox, Director of Study Abroad in the Office of International Education.



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Updated April 2015

This document represents the most accurate information available at the time of publication. Statements contained herein are not contractual obligations, and verbal or other representations that are inconsistent with or not contained within the document are not binding. The University of Richmond reserves the right to change without specific notice programs and the conditions under which they are offered.