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  • Program Terms: Summer
  • Restrictions: Exchange applicants only
Fact Sheet:
Fact Sheet:
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Program Description:
Register your Non-UR Summer Study Abroad prograRed Phone Boxes in Cambridge, Englandm

Many UR partner institutions or affiliates have summer opportunities where UR students may earn credit abroad, such as those listed here. There are also many other non-Richmond partner institutions that offer summer programs, and these programs are acceptable provided they are accredited programs.

All of these are called "Non-UR summer study abroad" programs in order to avoid confusing them with the Richmond faculty-led summer programs.

NOTE: Non-immigrant students wishing to take summer courses at institutions in their home countries are required to complete this registration process.

Did you complete a Non-UR summer study abroad program that you never registered?
If you have already completed a Non-UR summer study abroad program but didn't register it before you departed for abroad, you need to retroactively register your program now to determine if your credits can be transferred to Richmond.  Please refer to for instructions. Only use this link. Do not follow the Registration instructions below.

Registration Instructions

If you are planning to transfer credit from any Non-UR summer study abroad program toward your Richmond degree, you are required to do the following by the deadlines below:
  1. See your academic advisor to discuss the implications a summer abroad might have on your four-year plan at UR.
    NOTE: All RSB students should contact Dr. Thomas Cossé in the Business School for advising and to obtain course pre-approvals for business courses to be taken abroad.

  2. Apply directly to the Non-UR summer study abroad university or organization.  Do not apply through nor pay any fees to the University of Richmond in order to participate in a Non-UR summer study abroad program.
    Deadline: VARIES - Check the Non-UR program's application or website.

  3. Register your Non-UR summer study abroad program information by clicking the red "Register Your Program" button above. All components of this online registration are REQUIRED by the deadline.
    IMPORTANT: You are NOT applying to your Non-UR summer study abroad program via this website. Registering your participation in that program is required in order for the Registrar's office to determine institutional accreditation and to provide course pre-approval instructions.  
    Deadline: MAY 20.

Once you have registered your Non-UR summer study abroad program:
Ms. Brianne Meagher in the Registrar's office will review your Non-UR summer study abroad program information to determine whether the transcripting institution is a regionally accredited U.S. institution or an appropriately accredited, degree-granting international institution.  If it is, you will receive an email notification advising you to log in to your registration application for further instructions, including information about the course approval process.

Not transferring any Non-UR summer study abroad credits back to Richmond?
Registration of your Non-UR summer study abroad program via this online system is NOT required if you are not planning to transfer any credit back to your Richmond degree.  We wish you an enjoyable and enlightening summer abroad, and encourage you to check out online resources for planning a safe trip, such as the U.S. State Department's Students Abroad website.


Any questions you have about the credit transfer process should be directed to Ms. Brianne Meagher in the Registrar’s office. You can also find more information on the Registrar's website.

If you have a question about registering your Non-UR summer study abroad program on this website, please contact Ms. Jennifer Stevens in the Office of International Education.

This document represents the most accurate information available at the time of publication. Statements contained herein are not contractual obligations, and verbal or other representations that are inconsistent with or not contained within the document are not binding. The University of Richmond reserves the right to change without specific notice programs and the conditions under which they are offered.