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Announcements : Want to have a great time abroad?

Announcement: Want to have a great time abroad?

Start saving money NOW!
See article for helpful tips...

Did you know that the single greatest non-billed expense on study abroad  Like weekend trips, and other entertainment.

When Richmond students go on study abroad, you get a bill for tuition (from UR), and a bill for housing (from your university abroad or a local apartment owner), and of course you expect to pay for food.  You can know the amounts of all of these expenses, or at least estimates of them, in advance. 

But we can't tell you what you will spend on leisure travel and other entertainment.  The amounts vary greatly from program to program, and from person to person.  We can't really estimate an amount that you should take to cover your weekend trips to Helsinki, or to the Great Barrier Reef, or to the Great Wall.  But we can give you two pieces of advice:

1.  Talk to a variety of former study abroad participants about what they each spent on travel & other fun while abroad.

2.  Start saving NOW.  And before holidays & birthdays, make strategic requests for cash in lieu of other gifts.

Bon voyage!